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Periodontal or specialist gum treatment is carried out by our resident specialist periodontist, Dr. Fabiano Galassi.

Dr. Galassi brings a wealth of experience practising as a periodontist. Adult gum disease often needs to be treated by a specialist who can assess, diagnose and appropriately treat gum disease.

Treatment will often involve root planning or debridement which involves thorough cleaning of the root surfaces. This is normally carried out under local anaesthetic.

periodontics treatmentPeriodontal treatment can play a crucial role in prolonging the life of your teeth, as periodontal disease often results in loss of teeth due to mobility from bone resorption.

There is also an established link between periodontal disease and cardiac disease. Periodontal disease is diagnosed initially by your general dentist. Regular scaling and polish may often be all that’s required to treat gum disease, and maintain a stable periodontal condition.

Maintaining healthy gums can prevent bad breath and also help maintain strong teeth!

Periodontist Consultation

If a patient wishes to see the periodontist, they can ring or email to make an appointment. Alternatively they can be referred by their general dental practitioner. The consultation is about one hour in duration. A full report is then sent to the patient and referring dentist.

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal disease is primarily treated with scaling and root planing, in which plaque and tartar are completely removed. Sometimes it is necessary to perform periodontal surgery in which the gum tissue is raised, the bone and gum recontoured, and the tissue sutured back in place.

Cosmetic and implant dentistry should not be performed until periodontal disease is resolved and the tissues supporting the teeth are healthy.

If you are a dentist who would like to refer a patient to Dr. Galassi for periodontal or implant treatment, please download referral form

Dr. Fabiano Galassi

Dr. Fabiano Galassi


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