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The transition from baby to adult teeth is monitored by the dentist. In terms of orthodontics, the child needs to be seen between the ages of 6-10 years particularly if a key developmental stage is delayed or the dentist has concerns.

Braces for Children

Orthodontic treatment is best carried out during the growth phase during adolescence. Typically this is from 10-13 years for girls and 11-15 years for boys.

Common orthodontic problems in children include missing and crooked teeth, prominent upper teeth and a deep overbite or crossbite.

Functional appliances are used in children or adolescents where there is a disparity in jaw size. Functional appliances aim to reposition and establish a balance between the upper and lower jaws. In extreme cases, jaw surgery may be required.

The appliance is normally worn for 9-12 months but can be removed for brace and teeth cleaning. It can take a little time to adjust to the brace and speech may be difficult at the start of wearing the brace. This soon subsides and speech returns to normal.

Your brace needs to be checked regularly, and you will quickly begin to see the results!

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