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teeth examinationExam, Scale and Polish €70!

It is recommended that you have a dental examination every six months. Your dentist will check the hard tissues (teeth) to check for any cracks, cavities, damage or wear to the teeth.

The soft tissues are examined including gums to check for any signs of gum disease. These include bleeding gums on gentle probing with a special plastic periodontal probe, redness, inflammation or ‘pocketing’ between the teeth and gums. Other soft tissues like the cheeks, mucosae and tongue are checked for any abnormalities or swellings e.g. polyps, growths or tumours.

Scaling and polishing of the teeth is the basic treatment of gum disease, and maintenance of overall gum health. Most of the adult population will have a form of gum disease and the bone supporting the teeth and gums will shrink/resorb over time.

Scaling and polishing done with our modern and gentle ultrasonic scalers remove plaque, calculus and staining that simply cannot be removed even with meticulous home care- brushing and flossing.

Examination and Scale and Polish includes mouth cancer screening and gum assessment. All treatment is carried out by our experienced dentist using state of the art dental equipment!


If you have PRSI or a medical card, you are entitled to one free exam per year. This means that the exam, scale and polish will only cost €50!


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Dental Hygenist

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