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Implant supported bar overdentureTeeth are lost or missing for a variety of reasons. These include failure to erupt, trauma or loss due to extensive decay (caries) or periodontal disease (gum disease).

There are three options to replace a missing tooth or teeth. These are a removable denture – acrylic or cobalt chrome, bridgework which can be fixed or removable, or a dental implant.

Do you suffer from loose dentures? Have you difficulty eating with your dentures? Are you fed up with using messy fixative to secure your dentures?

If so implant secured dentures can provide a stable solution- no more messy fixative or difficulty eating!

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Patient Testimonial

What is a dental implant?

Implants are used to replace missing teeth. They are normally titanium in structure and placed in the jaw bone. If the circumstances are favourable, they are the best option to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

What results can I expect?

Case 1

The upper left first premolar tooth is missing. The patient has requested a permanent replacement. An implant was placed in the jaw bone. A custom made porcelain crown was connected to the implant head. The result is a strong and natural looking restoration which should provide service to the patient for many years.

This treatment was carried out over 5 months and involved three visits lasting 45minutes each in duration.

The reason for the 5 month duration is because after the implant is placed in the jaw bone, it must be left to osseointegrate with the natural bone. This takes about 4 months. The gum is then reopened and attachments are placed onto the head of the implant to allow for accurate impressions to make the porcelain crown.

Case 2

This lady attended our surgery looking to replace her upper missing lateral incisor teeth. She had been wearing a denture for several years to replace these teeth, and found it increasingly difficult to eat and speak properly with it.

After x-rays and impressions were recorded of her teeth to facilitate diagnostics, two dental implants were placed. This lady continued to wear her denture over the buried implants which were left in her gums to allow her bone to grow around them.

Four months after the implants were placed, they were uncovered and impressions were taken to make temporary crowns. The temporary teeth allowed the soft tissue and gum architecture to form before final impressions were taken to make the new porcelain teeth.

The treatment was carried out under local anaesthetic, and the patient now has a fixed solution for her missing teeth. She says it has changed her life!

Dental Implant

Dr. Daryll Moroney

Dr. Daryll Moroney

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