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These are laboratory made cappings or coverings for very broken-down teeth. Often the tooth will have had root canal treatment previously. The crowns are made to resemble natural teeth by using porcelain, which is a very durable material in the mouth.

The tooth is prepared for a crown by reducing the surfaces of the tooth. An impression (mould) is then taken of the prepared surfaces and this is sent to a specialist laboratory where the crown is made.

The natural looking crown is then placed to a perfect fit on the prepared tooth with cement or bonding adhesive.

What results can I expect?

This young man attended the surgery looking to replace his upper front teeth with dental implants.
The upper front teeth had existing root fillings and fractured porcelain veneers. He had been involved in an accident and was unhappy with the appearance of these teeth.

These teeth were carefully extracted to preserve existing bone, and a grafting procedure was carried out to prepare the jaw bone for dental implants.

Two dental implants were placed and left for four months in the upper jaw allowing them to integrate with existing and new bone. The patient wore a temporary removable prosthesis during this period.

Impressions were then taken and provisional crowns were made to allow the gum architecture to form properly.

Finally the permanent porcelain crowns were fitted to produce a natural aesthetic appearance.

This patient also had gum treatment and teeth whitening carried out, and is very happy with this long term permanent result!

Dr. Daryll Moroney

Dr. Daryll Moroney

Practice Principal,
Family and Cosmetic Dentist

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