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At Monkstown Dental Surgery, we are committed to the highest quality and standards in cross infection. Our staff are highly trained and regularly update their knowledge and practice.


We use a state of the art annually validated autoclave to sterilize all our instruments. Our Type B vacuum autoclave passes the highest international standards, with technology incorporated to give an audit trail. This can be downloaded to give a record of the sterilization procedures carried out.

Our surgery incorporates the latest technology and design to give optimum patient comfort, also maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cross infection protocol. The chair system includes instrument purging in order to ensure a fresh water supply. This superior hygiene system completely empties the tubing of stagnant water.

Cross Infection Protocol

Our water lines are regularly checked to ensure they pass the highest water quality standards.

Additional technology includes an ultrasonic bath for pre-sterilization cleaning, an intra-oral camera and a 17 inch medical grade monitor. This enables our patients to see high resolution images of the area that we are working on, and also pre and post operative results.

Other features include an autoclave tower for sterilization, and an ecowater system. Our cabinetry is among the most innovative and hygienic available. It includes Scandanavian design, and teflon seals on all the doors and drawers. The surfaces are MRSA resistant.

Whether the treatment involves surgically placing a dental implant or a children’s check-up, Monkstown Dental Surgery maintains optimum hygiene standards at all times.